Monday, December 7, 2009

Three holes in the ground

Well, well, well...

Pardon for the old joke, but it seems that three holes in the ground (graves actually) will indeed be the outcome of this morning's events.

The first grave is reserved for Romania's Social Democrat Party (PSD), which, despite being Romania's largest party in terms of popular support, and in spite of having the historic support of the National Liberal Party, still apparently managed to fail in its bid to defeat incumbent President Traian Basescu.  The problem:  all the crooks hanging around in the background (Nastase, Iliescu, Vintu etc.).  The PSD's candidate, Mircea Geoana will undoubtedly take the fall for the failure and be sacrificed.  Longer term, however, it is the PSD that is doomed to meet its maker as it has lost its ideological basis and become captive to business clans.  By the way, I can see Geoana following Marian Lupu's trajectory - leaving the party to establish his own left of centre outfit that would gradually cannibalise the corpse of the PSD.

The second grave is for Moldova's Communist Party, which today boycotted the second round of presidential elections, apparently forcing a new set of anticipated parliamentary elections on the country.  This was a very, very dumb move on their part.  Marian Lupu, the candidate for president, is the country's most popular politician and the only person capable of uniting Moldovan society.  Unlike in June, when the three liberal parties boycotted the elections in protest against the communist's abuses of human rights and democratic norms, this time around the communists have boycotted simply because they want to return to power.  I hope and pray that between now and the next set of elections (probably autumn 2010) enough water will flow under the bridge that the communists will only receive a fraction of the support they had last July and will be 'buried' as a political force.  The AIE will have to work hard to ensure that this actually happens.

The third grave (hopefully a temporary one) is for the people of both Romania and Moldova.  The political situtation in both countries is now such that stability appears impossible in the near future.  The instability will deter investors, lenders and donors, and make it much more difficult for the two countries to climb out of their respective recessions.

Thank you Voronin and Iliescu for your many years of corrupt leadership and political machinations against the interests of your poeple.

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