Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cuddly communists and loose liberals

It was a big news day:

  1. Negotiation of an associateship treaty between (eager) Moldova and the (reticent) European Union began in earnest.
  2. Interior minister Victor Catan spilled the beans on just how corrupt his department had become under his predecessor Gheorghe Papuc.
  3. The Russian embassy, in a fit of extreme wierdness, decided to surround itself with barbed wire.  I'm not sure if they're trying to keep the Moldovans out or the Russians in?
The biggest political news was the migration of six deputies to new political homes.

First came the announcement that 'liberals' Veaceslav Untila and Iurie Colesnic and a bunch of their hangers-on were leaving Serafim Urechean's 'Our Moldova' (AMN) to join the extraparliamentary 'European Action Movement' (MAE) of Anatol Petrencu.  Curiously, this effectively makes MAE the fifth constituent component of the governing alliance.

Personally I think we need a bit more unity on the right.  The MAE and Pavlicenko's National Liberals (PNL) are both very close to the Liberal Party (PL) in their values and policies, the only perceivable difference being that the PL stops short of promoting unification with Romania  They should at least form a bloc together if not merge completely.

On the left we saw the four renegade communists led by Vladimir Turcan mounting a reverse takeover of the small 'United Moldova' Party (PMU), currently led by Ana Tkaci.  According to Turcan, the revitalised party will sit between the PCRM and the PD on Moldova's political spectrum, placing it well to the left of centre and maintaining an 'ideological moldovenist' philosophy which seeks to put distance between Moldovans and Romanians.  Curiously, at the last election, UM ran on a straight down the middle centrist platform, avoided ethnic issues and threw its support squarely behind the AIE...

Personally, the more parties we see on the left the better.  Hopefully Ciornii will start one as well and further fragment the vote on that side of the spectrum.

Of all the leftist parties, only the technocratic Democrats are capable of making a positive contribution to Moldova's future.  While Turcan's group is a step improvement on the PCRM, they're still very dangerous, and could easily mess up the economy or sell the country out to Russia.

What is really sad is that the majority of Moldova's population continue to support the political & moldovenist left, even when it has let the country down so badly over the last 15 years or so.  This is even more ludicrous when you consider that it's the supposedly "right-wing extremist" parties of Ghimpu and Filat that are currently working their butts off to improve the life of ordinary Moldovans, while Voronin the "communist" billionaire zips off to Croatia in his private jet for a holiday...  

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