Friday, January 22, 2010

Reactions, please

To the EU, US, UN, OSCE:

Today Transnistrian 'foreign minister' Vladimir Yastrebciak has called for Russia to increase its troop presence in the breakaway region to 2,400 and to base a squadron of helicopters at the Tiraspol aerodrome.

This call for remilitarisation of the conflict comes at a time when the constitutional authorities in Chisinau are seeking to restart the 5+2 negotiation process, having sought a relaxation of the EU's travel ban on Transnistria's leadership as a good-will measure.

Yastrebciak's call reveals the aggressive and illegal nature of the Tiraspol regime.  Aggressive because it comes at a time when there is no threat of violence from Chisinau, and will further undermine the security of those living on the right bank of the Nistru.  Illegal because it flies in the face Moldova's constitutional neutrality and in the face of Russia's Istanbul treaty commitment to withdraw all of its forces.

The international community must take a stand and let the Transnistrians (and implicitly, the Russians) know that such warmongering and endangerment of the security of Moldova is totally unacceptable.

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