Thursday, February 25, 2010

May the best man come third

In Romania's presidential election it was Crin Antonescu, leader of the National Liberal Party and the only leading candidate with a clear and sustainable vision for Romania.  He came third in the first round and didn't participate in the second round battle between the flawed Traian Basescu and the uninspiring Mircea Geoana.

Now Romania's PSD has dumped Geoana and elected as its president the youthful Victor Ponta, protege of the godfather-like Adrian Nastase.  In this election too, the best candidate, Cristian Diaconescu, came third.

Diaconescu, a moderate and urbane intellectual, served his country well as foreign minister in the previous PSD-PDL government.  I was particularly impressed by his firm, but reasoned handling of Romania's reaction to the events of April 5th and 7th in Moldova, and particularly his willingness to seek advice from former Romanian foreign ministers regardless of political affiliation.

Diaconescu claims that he is being monitored by private investigators, and yesterday declared that he was leaving the Party as a result.  It's the right move; the PSD smells to high heaven of corruption and Diaconescu should seek to distance himself from them.  I wouldn't be surprised if Geoana follows him into 'independence' and the unofficial embrace of the PNL.

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