Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Three things I admire about...

Mihai Ghimpu
  • His honesty and directness ("I am a Romanian.  Not my decision; that's how my parents made me.")
  • His willingness to put the good of the country ahead of himself and his party
  • His humility and openness (long may it continue, hopefully power will not corrupt him)
Vlad Filat
  • His managerial ability and business-like approach
  • His temperance when faced with intemperate opposition
  • His desire to improve the lot of the Moldovan people
Serafim Urecheanu
  • His resilience in the face of communist persecution from 2001 to 2009
  • His pragmatism on relations with Russia (not that I necessarily agree with his views...)
  • His sensible leadership of Chisinau in the very difficult economy of the late 1990s
Marian Lupu
  • His decision to leave the communist party, which opened the door to democratic government
  • His eloquent Romanian (or should that be Moldovan, at least politically?)
  • His ability to toe a different line while (just) managing to keep the wheels on the AIE
Vladimir Voronin
  • That he never quite managed to make Russian a national language
  • That he failed to unite the country with Russia and Belarus
  • That he stopped short of signing the Kozak memorandum


  1. "His sensible leadership of Chisinau in the very difficult economy of the late 1990s"
    Urecheanu was probably one the most corrupt public officials during the privatization era in Moldova, which is quite in feat considering the... eh let's call it "cutthroat" competition :D

  2. Anonymous, could you give some examples of Urecheanu's corruption? I know the communists repeatedly accused him of things, but no hard evidence ever seemed to come to light.

  3. It's funny to see you only admire Voronin's failures :) And I have to say, the fact that Russian didn't become official despite the fact that PCRM had a constitutional majority for 4 years just proves the triumph of Moldovenists over Rusophones inside the Communist party.
    I would add one more thing about Voronin: he left the presidency complteley peacefully in the autumn of 2009, even though he could have made things much more difficult for AIE.