Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dodon on Unimedia

Many non-communist Moldovans have been horrified in recent days by the appearance of communist Igor Dodon's blog on the Unimedia web-site.  It seems plain wrong, that Unimedia, one of the stalwarts of the anti-communist journalism of 2009 should now give column inches to one of the leading lights of that undemocratic party.

I guess this decision by Unimedia is an attempt to define itself not as 'anti-communist' but as 'pluralist and democratic', which is perfectly reasonable.  Free speech means giving a platform to all sorts of nasties who may be incredibly manipulative and with which one may not agree, but that is part and parcel of democratic discourse.

I guess that the PCRM have allowed Dodon to write this blog in an attempt to sew doubt in the minds of liberal-democratic voters and hence weaken support for the AIE.  It's not surprising that they chose Dodon for this assignment - the pseudo-liberal, educated and seemingly intelligent economist has a chance of succeeding where hardline Russian nationalists like Petrenko & Misin would fail.

On the plus side, Unimedia's comments facility will give the rest of us a chance to directly attack the nonsense which will inevitably run from Dodon's pen, a chance denied to us by the still-totalitarian pro-communist portals &

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  1. 'if you don't wish freedom of speech for the ones you despite, than you don't believe in it at all' - my favorite, well-respected Noam Chomsky.
    I am also going to launch a blog in English soon but my blog thinks three ways: really objective, down to earth and based on morality. Good luck!