Thursday, March 11, 2010

Filat should sue

At a press conference this morning, Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin made the following accusations:

  1. That the PLDM's 2009 election campaigns were funded by Romanian 'petro-liberal' Dinu Patriciu
  2. That Filat has been involved in cigarette-smuggling in the past
  3. That Filat has recently arranged the smuggling of ten truckloads of cigarettes to pay back the money borrowed from Patriciu
Not a shred of evidence was offered by the former President.  Indeed, in respect of the second allegation, Filat was in the 1990s acquitted at trial on cigarette-smuggling charges.  The case was investigated and he was found to be innocent.

Voronin needs to produce evidence.  If not, it is high time that Vlad Filat shut him up permanently via a defamation suit seeking moral damages.

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