Monday, March 29, 2010

Ghimpu @ PCRM

I just thought I would take this opportunity to remind the 43 communist members of Parliament that Mihai Ghimpu doesn't need to give them anything in return for their participation in sessions of Parliament.  In fact, they should count themselves lucky that he hasn't docked their pay.  The speaker should bear the following parliamentary regulations in mind when he takes up Voronin's invitation to meet with the Communist deputies:

"Article 101. Participation of Deputies in Sessions
(1) MPs are obliged to sign in at the beginning of the session and the list be submitted to the Parliament.
(2) Members who cannot attend the meeting, for reasons beyond their control, should inform the leadership of Parliament through the subdivision responsible for ensuring the conduct of plenary sessions, mentioning the reasons for non-participation.
Article 131. Unjustified absence from meetings
The deputy who is absent from sittings of the Parliament or its working bodies loses the right to the indemnity, provided under article 26 par. (1) of the Law on the Status of Members of Parliament, for that day."

I would suggest that the money saved go towards the work of the Commission investigating the crimes of communism...

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  1. One point that the communists (and their opponents) seem to have missed is that, even though the sanction is relatively weak, what the Communists are doing is ILLEGAL. Their electorate needs to understand this.