Friday, March 26, 2010

In defence of truth

Dear Timpul, Jurnal, Unimedia, Ziarul de Garda,

I am really fed up with the way in which the Ruso-communists and their press outlets (Omega, Noutati Moldova, Moldova Suverana, Nezavisimaya Moldova, Communistul etc) time and again distort the truth or tell outright lies.

In an article this afternoon, Nicolae Negru deconspired one of these stories, which implied that new Ukrainian president Ianukovich had given Voronin a medal and thanked him for his support.  The truth is that Voronin received a medal from former president Yuschenko in 2006, and was thanked by Ianukovich for sending congratulations on Ianukovich's election.

This is just one example.  Others, for example, are the slanderous statement by Voronin that the PLDM was financed by Patriciu, or the patent nonsense about Romania fomenting a coup on April 7th 2009.  These are just a few examples among many.

Ideally those who are misrepresented should sue their detractors in courts of law, but they are either too busy, or have too little confidence in Moldovan justice, to take this action.

And so I write to you, the free press, in the hope that one of your papers will establish a regular column with the purpose of deconspiring Ruso-communist propaganda and presenting the facts.  I have in the back of my mind the 'truth-o-meter' segment on CNN's "Political Mann" show.

What do you think?  It will be a far more productive job than trailing after Voronin and waiting for obsecenities to drop from his lips...

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