Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Judge not

More miserable news from Moldova's awful judiciary:

  1. Dumitru Pulbere, the judge who fiddled while the Communists wantonly abused the constitution, has been re-elected as the President of the Constitutional Court.  The judges appointed to the court voted 5-1 to renew his mandate.  My guess is that the "1" was Victor Puscas, the only CC judge who emerged from communist rule with his reputation for integrity intact.
  2. Ion Muriuianu still won't go and is standing his ground on the facile argument of the separation of powers. What Mr Muruianu doesn't realise is that this dispute is not about the niceties of constitutional law.  It's about him, his abysmal performance as a judge and his lack of integrity.  If he had an ounce of the latter he would have resigned weeks ago.
European Union officials have made it abundantly clear that Moldova will not accede until it has cleaned up its courts.  While Mr Pulbere and Mr Muruianu hold the two highest judicial positions in the land, there isn't a hope in Hades of that happening.

It seems that the only way to remove them would be a completely new constitution, voted by the people, with new judicial institutions.  Gianni Buquicchio, please take note.

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