Monday, March 29, 2010

The Moldovan Project

At a meeting on Saturday, the Communist Party unveiled its 'Moldovan Project'.  According to the party, it will work with 'civil society' and 'other left and centre-left political parties' to promote 'social justice, democracy, human rights and the rule of law'.

At best it's a bit of a giggle.  During its eight years in power the party consciously undermined (independent) civil society, made the poor poorer though racketeering, perverted democracy on April 5th 2009, breached human rights in the basements of police stations and undermined the rule of law through its control over the judiciary.  Now the Devil wants to teach Sunday School.

At it's worst, as blogger Denis Cenusa points out, the 'Moldovan Project' will be an effort targeted at infiltrating civil society and using it to undermine both the basically good government Moldova is currently receiving from the AIE, and any chance the country has of adhering to the EU.

The best thing about the 'Moldovan Project' is that it's vapourware. When I first read about it I went hunting around on the internet (and on the PCRM website in particular) looking for a well-thought-out 200 page policy statement expressing a clear view about Moldova's future.  All I could find was a rambling speech from Voronin and a declaration about motherhood and apple pie (in Russian only) from the party.

For those with the patience, the full declaration is Google-translated below:

The Communist Party assesses the new political situation in Moldova as being a direct challenge to the consolidation process of the Moldovan society based on values of independent, democratic development, social justice and ethnic harmony.

PCRM believes that formed under an even greater demand this type of modernization of the Republic of Moldova, which is based on investments in human capital, regional development and social infrastructure. Only this way, in our opinion, is able to ensure the sustainability of Moldovan democracy, its movement to a new quality of life of European freedom and standards.

Under the circumstances, Communist Party sees its purpose in the development of direct, open and continuous dialogue with civil society, the Republic of Moldova to develop collaborative, positive, systemic and long-term program of action under the generalized name of "Moldovan project. "The Moldovan project" should appear as a tool for identifying a variety of community initiatives in the area of modernization of the Republic of Moldova, as well as an open forum between the Communist Party and civil society on their discussion and implementation.

Thus, the Communist Party undertakes to be the political force that only in unity with the Moldovan society, under its control, and, leaning on his initiative, sees the purpose of not only the political struggle, but also of socio-economic and cultural transformations in the country. In this way, the PCRM is open for dialogue with all political parties, left and center-left orientation, with all those politicians and groups, for which the assertion of values of social justice is inseparable from the struggle for democracy, human rights, rule of law.

The Communist Party believes that the prevailing conditions, develop new social, political, economic, and cultural initiatives not possible without broad public support, without the establishment of a fundamentally-new, non-partisan structures for social assistance. It is in this vein is seen the idea of forming a broad network of non-governmental organizations - «Acţiunea socială - The Social March. Only these grassroots structures that are able under the new conditions become the offensive, non-partisan public platform that would integrate, consolidate and mobilizes the entire left and center-left electorate. Formation of such a network would not only improve the immunity of our society to the various anti-democratic and authoritarian provocation but will be a long-term tool for social control of any democratically elected government.

The Communist Party believes that defined partnership with the widest representation of civil society should have the character of regular joint, open forums taking place at least once every two months.

"Moldova Project" - a long-term initiative, it is - a way that should bring to the development of Moldovan democracy the very new style of conflict of ideas and suggestions, which should be based on a constructive, open and social responsibility. This is a complex, not simple enough way, but this approach would allow the Communist Party to speak not only on its own behalf and on behalf of all those who are truly interested in building a modern, European, fair and united Moldova.

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