Thursday, April 22, 2010

I couldn't say it better myself

"The issue of Moldova's participation in a military parade in the Russian capital should be seen in the the light of political and geopolitical realities of today. Moldova's past history in this matter matters less, because it was manipulated by forces hostile to the interests of the sovereignty and independence of Moldova, forces that wish to maintain our state at all costs, if not in the composition of the "Russian empire", then at least in the orbit of Russia's geopolitical interests.

 The Gagauz autonomy and the Russian separatist regime in Tiraspol (Transnistria) were created to promote these interests.  Many political parties (first and foremost the Communist Party) are an expression of Russian interests in Moldova and the whole Balkan region. Not to mention the so-called 'defenders of statehood', who by their primitive and anti-national ideologies, by definition, support Russian interests.

In this context, Moldova can not attend the military parade in Russia due to the following: 
  1. Moldova is a sovereign and independent country, which is not part of a military bloc with Russia and the CIS countries.
  2. Moldova per se is not a successor to the results of the Second World War.
  3. Moldova is neutral and her participation at the Military Parade in Russia would be in defiance of the 'European' common sense to which she aspires
  4. Moldova is disintegrated, including by the active participation of the Russian army and other Russian support to further separatism in Tiraspol.
  5. Moldova's territory is host to illegal Russian troops, which are further encouraging Russophile separatism and deepening the process of disintegration of Moldova on geopolitical grounds
  6. Moldova's participation in military parade in Russia would mean: blessing of the current Russian policy towards Moldova, recognizing the false theories of Soviet history that Bessarabia was liberated, not occupied, and that there is another nation, a language other than Romanian and another culture distinct from Romanian.

P.S. The decision of Moldova to attend the military parade in the Russian capital must be accompanied by a declaration of the truth about Moldova's political and geopolitical conditions."
Nicholas Balaur, reader of Timpul

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