Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Missing Commission

We have a commission investigating the crimes of soviet communism, and one investigating the events of April 7th 2009.  The one that is missing is a commission to investigate the 'freeness' and 'fairness' of the election that took place on April 5th 2009.

It may appear that such a commission is redundant now that events have moved on, there has been a subsequent election and there is a new political conjuncture.  I would disagree, for the following two reasons.

  1. The Communists are able (in their own warped way) to claim that no substantiated evidence has been presented to support the then oppositions allegations that the 5/4/09 elections were fraudulent.  They use as support the wildly supportive analysis of the CIS observer mission and the only mildly critical report of the OSCE mission.  They point out that no evidence of fraud has been reviewed by either the Constitutional Court or the Electoral Commission, while conveniently overlooking the fact that both these bodies refused to accept the evidence that was presented to them by political parties, NGOs etc.. This twisting of facts needs to be overcome by a commission which would rigorously document all of the fraud allegations and investigate their veracity.
  2. For the good of Moldovan democracy, the electoral process needs to be systemically improved, both to widen the franchise as far as possible whilst eliminating and reducing possibilities for abuse.  Without a thorough and irrefutable study of what went wrong on 5/5/09, it is difficult to see on what such improvement could be based.
  3. For the good of Moldovan democracy and justice, all the local officials who falsified results should have their day in court and receive appropriate punishments.  They need to understand that the principle of a free and equal vote is sacred, and should be interefered with by no-one.  Only a thorough study of events before, on and after April 5th 2009 would give prosecutors the material they need to begin criminal proceedings.
A year on from April 5, the young people who turned out to protest the theft of their democracy deserve this, their third commission.

PS:  I am still 100% convinced that the April 5th elections were massively defrauded, both before and after the vote.  Their was multiple voting and voting by the dead, unborn and absent.  After the vote, there was ballot box stuffing (witness the difference between the 44% exit poll result and the 50% the Communists had allocated to them by the electoral commission, which is basically impossible statistically)

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