Friday, April 30, 2010

More Snake Venom

Serghei Lavrov is one of my least favourite Russian politicians.  His initiatives and appearances are invariably bad news for those of us who live under Russia's shadow.  He's an unsmiling, uncaring, non-cooperative foreign minister from the Gromyko school who has little interest in grappling with the World's real (and shared) problems.

Two days ago he gave us his wisdom on the Moscow parade issue.  It would have been nice to hear something like:

"It would have been nice for Interim President Mihai Ghimpu to attend, however we realise that due to Moldova's history and political context this would present difficulties for him.  We look forward to working with Mr Ghimpu on resolving the issues which still cause difficulties in the relationship between our nations, and would respectfully request that his concerns be raised with us directly.

I have been quite disturbed by the declarations of some senior Russian politicians (Messrs Rogozin and Klimov) accusing Mr Ghimpu and the Moldovan leadership of being fascists.  On behalf of the Russian state I apologise for these remarks and wish to inform you that I have spoken to both men in this regard."

Instead of that we got this:

"I would advise President Ghimpu not to use Victory day for political speculations, to raise his ratings using an anti-Russian stance.  Ghimpu should instead be preoccupied with other neighbours, particularly the western ones [Zimbru:  Romania] which do not recognise the Moldovan state"

Let's let the truth set us free.  Romania was the first country to recognise Moldova's independence as a state, and has never taken any action to its detriment.  Russia, on the other hand, gave formal recognition to Moldova's independence, but then unleashed its 14th Army and its Transnistrian proxies in an attempt to topple Moldova's government and bring the country back under Russia's control.  Russia still has occupying forces on Moldova's soil.

Lavrov's comments on Romania and Moldova's independence are manipulative and distorted.  Now he owes Romania an apology as well.

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