Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snake Venom

Russian ambassador to Moldova, Valerii Kuzmin, spent part of the day handing out medals to Russian veterans of the "Great Patriotic War".  He took the opportunity to make several statements which I find offensive:

  1. That Ilascu and Ivantoc (combatants on the Moldovan side during the Transnistrian war, held for many years in Transnistrian prisons) are criminals and terrorists.  May I remind Mr Kuzmin that the European Court of Human Rights, in its ruling of 8 July 2004, begged to differ, finding Russia culpable for breaching the human rights of the two gentlemen and awarding compensation (as yet unpaid).
  2. That he has no intention of intervening in the detention of Vardanean (the journalist arrested on charges of spying and treason), saying that it's a matter for the Transnistrian authorities.  May I remind the ambassador that the ECHR found that the unconstitutional Transnistrian regime continues to exist only due to support from Moscow, and as such, Russia shares the responsibility for its actions.
  3. That he doesn't agree with the attempts of the Moldovan government to laud the Romanian Army.  May I remind Mr Kuzmin that the Moldovan government has lauded neither communism or fascism, neither Soviet or Romanian armies, choosing instead to recognise the valour and service of all who fought, regardless of their side in the battle.
  4. That Chisinau and Tiraspol should be equal parties in the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.  May I remind the ambassador that the government in Chisinau is a democratically elected, constitutional administration while the regime in Tiraspol consists of men of violence who took up arms in order to preserve and extend their own privileges.  The sides are clearly not equal in any sense.
I his statements today, Mr Kuzmin has revealed himself to be either (a) seriously brainwashed or (b) malevolent to the people of the Republic of Moldova.  Either way, he is not fit to be representing Russia's true & legitimate interests in the Republic of Moldova.

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