Friday, June 25, 2010

Commemorating Occupation


President Mihai Ghimpu signed a decree declaring the day of June 28, 1940 as Day of Soviet occupation

Interim President of the Republic Mihai Ghimpu signed today a decree declaring the day of June 28, 1940 as the Day of Soviet occupation.Under the decree, annually, on the 28th June, a Day of Remembrance of the victims of Soviet occupation and the  totalitarian communist regime will be observed in the Republic.
Under Presidential Decree this day, in all localities of the republic flags of state will be lowered to half-mast, flowers will be placed on graves, monuments and memorials to victims of the Soviet occupation and the totalitarian communist regime, and at 10.00 there will be a minute of silence.
The decree further provides that on this day, public authorities, businesses and organizations will refrain from carrying out mass entertainment activities, and in all educational institutions, camps and recreation a one-hour rally will be held in memory.
In this context, it is recommended that periodicals, news agencies, radio and television take into account the specifics of the day of June 28th in publications, dissemination of information and training programs held on this day.
The decree further stipulates that Chisinau City build a memorial to victims of Soviet occupation and communist totalitarian regime and to undertake commemoration ceremonies and laying of flowers in the National Square, where the City will install, provisionally, on June 28, 2010, a commemorative stone.
The Presidential decree further stipulates that the Russian Federation as the heir of the Soviet Union must withdraw unconditionally, immediately and transparently troops and weapons from Moldova.


  1. Well knowing how much you support Ghimpu's views, this announcement whas just enough :)

  2. I'm not pro-Ghimpu.... I just happen to agree with him most of the time. :)