Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hang in there

Last night I read a blog entry from Oxana Greadcenco, her first for several weeks.  Oxana is one of those young Moldovans who, through their protests and hard work during the summer of 2009, brought about the demise of the Communist regime and the installation of the AIE government.

In her blog entry yesterday, Oxana writes about her disappointment and frustration with the politicians she worked so hard to bring to power.  She focuses on the way in which the PL and PLDM try to undercut each other at every step, directing their energies at each other, rather than at the communist opposition or into the act of good governance.  A particular focus is the dispute between Ghimpu and Filat concerning Mihai Ghimpu's decree.

Sadly, Oxana concludes by saying "I don't know if anyone will now bother coming out into the street if the communists return to power.  There is no point supporting one party or another.  You compromise yourself."

I completely understand the disappointment of those who have worked hard to achieve a goal and see that goal being frustrated by petty personal squabbles and the over-sized egos of politicians.  I disagree, however, with the outcome that Oxana has arrived at.  Here's why:

  1. While the AIE's leaders are ultimately responsible for the tensions within the alliance, the communists and other agents of the Russian Federation have also played a major role in exacerbating the tensions (think of the dispute over May 9, for example)
  2. We shouldn't overlook the many successes of AIE rule - the opening of the country to a deeper relationship with the EU, the elimination of some of the monopolies, the strengthening of the media sector, the incipient economic recovery of which many countries are jealous.
  3. It would be a mistake to can the AIE because it is conflicted, mediocre and unsure whose interests it is serving.  'Conflicted' is way better than 'corrupt'.  'Mediocre' is miles ahead of 'incompetent'.  'Unsure' is a massive advance on 'malicious'.
The bottom line is that we don't want the (corrupt, incompetent and malicious) communists back.  We really don't.  Unfortunately human beings have selective memories which tend to only retain positive impressions about the past, however that is a trap we don't want to fall into given the awful crimes committed by the communists and for which they are still to face justice.

No matter what you think of the AIE parties, they still represent the only real option for those who want a better future for Moldova.  Moldova's youth should continue to support them, albeit with eyes wide open and with an agenda to effect change internally within the parties and improve the quality of political discourse.

Oxana Greadcenco is right in saying that, apart from politics, there are other 'important, beautiful and useful things to do'.  Balance is good, I completely agree.  That said, I still believe that every citizen has a duty to participate actively in their democracy, and I hope to see Oxana back in the trenches of political blogging before too long.  She has a very important contribution to make.

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