Thursday, August 19, 2010

Join the dots

Banca de Economii (Moldova's savings bank) has this morning issued a press release in which it requests the Prosecutor General to investigate some loans issued (but not paid back) in the late 1990s, during the time in which the president of the Bank was one Viorel Topa.

At first glance this is kind of odd.  Certainly if there is a case to answer it should be investigated.  The question is, why now?  Hasn't Banca de Economii got better things to do?  Wasn't the investigation closed many years ago?

Let me help you join the dots:

1.  Banca de Economii's major shareholder is the Economy Ministry
2.  The Economy Minister is Valeriu Lazar
3.  Valeriu Lazar is a close confidant of Marian Lupu
4.  Lupu (by his own admission) is a close friend of Vlad Plahotniuc
5.  Viorel Topa has just accused Vlad Plahotniuc of defrauding him  (through the extirpation of Victoria Bank shares)

So, we appear to have a case in which a state-owned enterprise is being used to settle personal scores.  It is only to be hoped that Marian Lupu and Valeriu Lazar bear some consequences if this abuse of power is proven.

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