Friday, September 10, 2010

Sound advice from Constantin Tanase

Source:  Hotnews & Timpul

"In the context of failure of the referendum on Sunday unfounded attacks on the Alliance should be stopped", says editorialist Constantin Tanase.  "The Alliance is the spoiled and capricious child of Democratic voters."

"To make unfounded attacks on the Alliance and its leaders is to do the job of the Communists and their satellites like Selin and Klimenko. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Although we have well-founded complaints against the leaders of the Alliance, we should not forget that it was the Alliance that removed the Communists from power, and took the first steps toward dismantling the communist system and restoring a sense of freedom to society. That is why, I repeat, we must stop demonising the Alliance", writes Tanase.

A responsibility for the future of the country is, according to columnist the only sentiment that should dominate the political class, the press and the electorate.

"I'm sure the democratic press will do its duty this time as well, but our dear leaders of the Alliance should not have wax noses, and should no longer behave arrogantly, as if they would  grab God by the beard, and should admit that they, being people, can fail and that their mistakes must be remedied and compensated" concludes Constantin Tanase.

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