Friday, November 26, 2010

Who to vote for

Apparently it's illegal to 'agitate' tomorrow and on Sunday, so I had better do my 'agitating' now:

Do not, in any event, vote for the following parties as they are evil and wish Moldova harm:

  • The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM)
  • The Humanist Party (PUM)
  • The Social Democrat Party (PSD)
I recommend not voting for the following party, which is compromised by links to Plahotniuc, unpredictable in its policy and, as the Russians would say, neither fish nor meat.
  • The Democrat Party (PD)
You may consider voting for the following pro-European parties, both of which stand a chance of reaching the 4% threshold.  There is, however, a high risk that your vote will be wasted if they don't reach 4%.
  • The "Our Moldova Alliance" (AMN)
  • The European Action Movement (MAE)
You should vote for one of the following two parties, which, in coalition, would provide the best possible government and promote Moldova's modernisation and democratisation:
  • The Liberal Party (PL)
  • The Liberal Democrat Party (PLDM)
All other parties, worthy or not, are too small to make the 4% cut and should be avoided.

Similarly, none of the independent candidates, worthy or not, have any hope of making the 2% cut and should similarly be avoided.


  1. How would Zimbru vote, if he had the Moldovan passport?

  2. Corneliu,

    I would be comfortable voting PLDM. They are clearly pro-European and have a talented team.

    On balance, however, I think the truth will set Moldova free, and for that reason I would vote PL, in the hope that they will be roughly equal partners with the PLDM in a coalition government.