Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another half-full glass

No matter what you think about the stupidity of the 40% of Moldovans who voted for the Communists, there is one aspect which should make every Moldovan very very proud.

It's the way the election was conducted:

  • real pluralism of opinions and options
  • a mainly free media (NIT and excepted)
  • a high voter turnout
  • commitment from overseas voters, who had to endure long, cold queues
  • intelligent voting (in the sense of ignoring side-shows)
Now that Georgia has left the organisation and Ukraine has back-pedalled on a number of freedoms, Moldova is now clearly the leading democracy in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Even the Russians are noticing; a team of journalists in Chisinau for the elections were amazed at the vigorous debates, the freedom with which people expressed their opinions and the desire of Moldovans to cast a vote and make a difference.  All very very different to how things are back home.  Russian speakers can find the relevant article here.

Take a bow, Moldova!

(Then get quickly back to thinking about how to stop the Democrats going into a miserable coalition with the Communists)

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