Thursday, January 12, 2012

The sun breaks through

After 2 years of messing around, can it be that common sense is about to enter stage left?  Can we dare to hope for an outcome to Moldova's interminable presidential selection process that would be good for her people rather than her politicians?

The source of my (extremely guarded and cautious) optimism is the self-nomination for the post of President of the political analyst Oazu Nantoi.

Nantoi is perhaps the only true centre-left politician in the country.  Unlike the "communists", "socialists", "social democrats" and others who fly the red flag, he doesn't use social-democracy to advance his own economic interests, nor to entrench Russia's position in the region.  His concern is for the people of Moldova, and their interests.

I am not a social democrat.  I must, however recognise that a majority of Moldovans are left-of centre and hence it would be appropriate for the President to be representative of them.  Nantoi, in this context, is perfect - he is a man who positions himself bang in the middle of the economic views of his countrymen.

The President also needs to be well-versed in foreign and security policy.  As the commander-in-chief he or she must lead the defence and promotion of Moldova's borders and its national interests.  Here again Oazu Nantoi ticks the boxes.  An expert on the Transnistrian conflict (and possessing very specific plans for its resolution), Nantoi harbours no illusions about the malevolent activities of the Russian Federation on Moldovan territory.  Neither, however, does he countenance the idea of reintegration with Romania.  He is the ultimate protector of the Moldovan state.

On hearing of Nantoi's candidacy, the Communists quickly made a counter proposal of Leonid Talmaci, a former Central Bank Governor.  This (presumably on Moscow's orders) was equally quickly supported by Dodon's Socialists.

Talmaci, however doesn't tick the boxes.  He may well be a solid professional in the finance domain.  He is not, however, a leader of national stature, and is too close to the Communists to be a President of all Moldovans.  He would be manipulable.

Nantoi, however, has the potential to be a game-changing President for the Republic of Moldova.  Some Media outlets have already compared him to the late Czech leader, Vaclav Havel, a man who led his country out of the backwardness of communism and into European democracy.  Let's hope Moldova's deputies have the common sense to choose the same course, for all our sakes.


  1. No chance... They and therefore we are stuck with Lupu :(

  2. Well after two months of fall starts and dead ends it seems like we've come full circle, and your prediction my just be realized by the end of the week.