Friday, February 13, 2015

The Monkeys in the Middle

Moldova's voters must be feeling a deep sense of betrayal.  They voted for a continuation of the European integration project and in return have ended up with a cabal of three parties - PCRM, PD and PLDM - dedicated to self enrichment.

These three parties kept the Liberals out of government, and then expect the liberals to support the government proposed.  They made sure that the prosecutor general remained under political influence, thus ensuring that none of their corrupt leaders should ever be troubled by the court system.  They have continued to retransmit vile Russian propaganda about the war with Ukraine through media outlets they themselves control.  And now they have ensured the elimination from power of Iurie Leanca, the best prime minister Moldova has had in its short post-communist history.

I could bury my head in my hands and weep at this awful turn of events, but that would be defeatist.

Instead, maybe, just maybe, there is an opportunity to turn this thing around.  What we now have in Moldova is a situation in which the political spectrum is re-defining themselves.  On the left we have Dodon and his rabid socialists (+Usatii and his mob), determined to represent Russia rather than their constituents.  They're bad news, but at least you know where they're coming from.  On the right we have Ghimpu and the liberals, who, notwithstanding their idiosyncrasies, have kept the faith and done everything inn their power to keep Moldova on its European course.

It's the middle that's the problem, populated with self serving monkeys like Voronin, Plahotniuc, Diacov and Filat.  These folks aren't pro-Russian or pro-European, they're just pro-themselves.  Together they represent a bigger threat to Moldova's aspirations than even the ignorant hordes of Dodon and Usatii.  A plan needs to be developed to eliminate them from political power, or at least to massively diminish their influence.

Here's the plan:

  1. Leanca should form a new centrist party, going after the votes of the PD and the PLDM.  If he can take 5-6 PLDM MPs with him, he and the Liberals together can force a fresh election by refusing to support any government proposed by the middle.
  2. Ghimpu should kick himself upstairs as 'honorary leader', allowing Chirtoaca to win a few more seats for the Liberals in the snap election.
  3. Europe should come to the party, using her influence to overcome the spin on the middle's TV channels.  Indicting Plahotniuc over some of his commercial schemes (many of which have European elements) would be a start.  Auditing the use of EU funds would also be a good idea.  Euopean political parties should fund the campaigns of the Liberals and Leanca's new party.  etc. etc.
Perhaps under these conditions Moldova's pro-European electorate could swing behind the Liberals and Leanca, allowing Moldova to clean up her act (judicially speaking) and resume her European course?